Play Blu-ray on iMac with Blu-ray player software for iMac

Blu-ray is still a distant dream for iMac owners if you absolutely, completely need to have this feature, it is technically possible by the help of one third-party software – UFUSoft iMac Blu-ray Player.

Obviously, Apple’s new iMac all-in-one desktops impressed us, especially the massive 27-inch model. But we’re left wondering what happened to the rumored Blu-ray drive option. Playing HD optical disc content on that big screen seems like a fool so I set out to see if I could successfully use an external Blu-ray drive. Fortunately, a new Blu-ray player software for iMac came up and brings the trend of Blu-ray.

The new iMac
UFUSoft iMac Blu-ray Player
External Blu-ray drive

Step One: Connect Blu-ray driver
You have to have an external bluray driver. Connect it to iMac via USB interface.

Step Two: Download iMac Blu-ray Player
Download the iMac Blu-ray Player and install it at once.

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Step Three: Play Blu-ray movies
1) Run iMac Blu-ray Player
2) Insert the Blu-ray disc into driver
3) Open the Blu-ray disc. Some Blu-ray discs will be launched automatically, others can be opened by open buttons.
There are two open buttons: “Open File” and “Open Disc”.

iMac Blu-ray Player

When you play BD, just click on the ‘Open Disc’ button and select the BD in the pop-up dialogue. After a couple seconds of loading, you can enjoy the Blu-ray movies on Mac freely. Otherwise, you can press “Open File” button to play Blu-ray ISO files or videos in other media formats.

I think it would be the simplest way to lead your iMac to the extremely Blu-ray world.

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